How I Spend my Summer Vacation

Day 1

This used to be a lot smaller.
It’s a jungle in there.

I’m about 3 weeks into my summer vacation. We’re planning some small trips here and there, but no major beach excursions or cruises. That’s ok. My house keeps me busy. Let me explain

Tony and I officially moved into his dad’s home. We’ve owned it since dad’s passing 3.5 years ago. It was always our intention to move there, but some family situations occurred. Tony feels it’s his duty as the family patriarch to help family in need. To make a long story short, two different family members stayed there and are now living out of state. So now we are shifting items from one house to another and doing some major clean up. Today pictures are “ before “ pics as I trim down the overgrown bushes, hedges and invasive “ weed trees” As my vacation continues, I will send updated pics and blogs on progress.

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