Life…. and then some ( Blog )

  • This week’s prompt: Bibliopole

    My husbandHe loves books, and he is Polish. Does that make him a bibliopole?(Ok. I will not quit my day job.)The photo is only scratching the surface. Some to read, some to sell, but nothing rare. Read more

  • A Classic Thalassic Hymn…

    was performed as the Calypso left for its seafaring adventure; heading to the abyss in its search for unique marine life. Whales, stingrays , octopuses galore. Deeper and deeper we find many more. A grilled shark approached and smiled at me. He pointed to the narwhal undersea. Read more

  • Saturday Writing Prompt 10/15/22 Read more

  • I Can Understand Why She Loved it There

    My oldest sibling passed away last month.We flew to NY for the wake and funeral. She and her husband moved to Brooklyn after they retired. One may ask. “Why?” It’s not exactly Miami Beach. It’s because this is where they first met and began their lives over 50 years ago. They got married and raised… Read more

  • Nashville

    We decided to take a 3 day trip to Nashville, Tennessee centered around ticket I purchased to see Herb Alpert and Lani Hall perform at the Nashville City Winery. Why not? We’ve never been to Nashville and Tony gets to see his childhood music hero. Growing up, Tony always wanted a trumpet, but instead, his… Read more

  • Back to Work

    So I’m back to work. The kids arrive tomorrow. I hoping these students give me inspiration for more stories . Praying for a good school year. So far, so good . Read more