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  • A Novel’s Odyssey- weekend writing prompt 267- RETURN

    Beep, I’m leaving. My jacket opens Flipped from left to right Pass it on My jacket opens Flipped from beginning to end. Pass it on I’ve returned. Beep. Just in time. Read more

  • Weekend Writing Prompt #266- Flippant

    The man who is flippant, Is not omniscient. He is deficient in care and kindness.   The man who is respectful, is efficient and tactful, Sufficient in factual knowledge, that throughout his life will be beneficial.   To lack respect is insufficient, like a variable without a coefficient. His manners are insufficient, his ideas incoherent.   To avoid… Read more

  • Weekend Writing Prompt # 265

    Shakespeare: Brevity is the soul of wit. The less said, the better Read more

  • We’re Baaaack!!!

    I know I haven’t written in a while. Work was busy this semester. Where I am, things are becoming more normal. We’re not out of the Covid woods, but we are moving around more. School just ended for the summer and we’re planning go go back to business as usual. That means formal evaluations and… Read more

  • How I Spend my Summer Vacation

    Day 1 I’m about 3 weeks into my summer vacation. We’re planning some small trips here and there, but no major beach excursions or cruises. That’s ok. My house keeps me busy. Let me explain Tony and I officially moved into his dad’s home. We’ve owned it since dad’s passing 3.5 years ago. It was… Read more

  • My “Go To“ Emojis

    I use smiley most often.—I even use them in emails to friends and work ( depending on the situation) . 😊Laugher ( one who’s crying at the same time ) is another one I use often. I didn’t respond to the prompt about what makes me laugh, but every now and then, someone will send… Read more