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Bubbakoo’s Burritos

This small dining and take out place opened less than a year ago on Eagles Landing Pkwy in the Publix Shopping Center.

We walk in and the counter server greeted us; asking if we ever been here before. With saying no, he went in to explain the menu. A signature item they have is called “ the chiwawa ” it’s a deep fried cheesy rice ball. You can order it and they crack it open and either add items to the inside or use it as a base for burritos and bowls. I did the latter. All the ingredients are fresh and boy do they pile it on. The biggest surprise was the reasonable price. I should say it us similarly priced as the big national chain down the block, but the portions are larger and the food is fresher.

Check out their website that includes their history and menu. Then I recommend visiting . Bring the family and friends. Perfect place to go with your co- workers for lunch.