A New Beginning

I know blogging has been around for awhile now. I always said I would start one. Many times I started only to abandon it. The most recent was an online journal. Not this time. I have a lot to write about. Exactly what that ” a lot ” is, I can’t say. I see those tutorials and ” How to Begin” articles and they all say find a topic. I don’t have one topic, I have many from my teaching experiences, family experiences, to hobbies of cooking, photography , movies, music and hiking nature trails ( taking pictures along the way ). I feel great after writing about something I experienced. Stay tuned as I share some of my past writings.

I’m at a point in my life where I am moving forward, not back. Most of our friends are retiring from their jobs. Not us. We have anywhere between 7-10 years. These writings will chronicle that 10 year plan as we re-model our home, maintain our health physically and mentally and set our retirement goals.

Let the journey begin!

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