Upon arrival, we went to Music City bar and grill- 5 minutes away from our Fairfield Marriott hotel for dinner and live music. it’s advertised as live music and pub grub. It was not a big menu. We ordered 2 bacon cheeseburgers $14 each $1 extra for bacon with fries. Tasty, but small- not worth 15 a pop. In addition we ordered 2 Guinness on tap. That’s always worth it 😊

We don’t go out too much, so the idea of creating a running tab and giving our debit card fir them to hold was an uncomfortable experience. But it all worked out at the end. BTW- the live band was great.

Day 2- the concert is at 7:00 tonight. We’ll visit our usuals; record store, book store, craft store. Since the concert is at the city winery, that. Punts as our winery.

We decided to take a 3 day trip to Nashville, Tennessee

On Sunday we’ll see Herb Alpert and Lani Hall perform at the City Winery. Herb is a childhood hero of Tony’s and a guilty pleasure of mine.

In between, we’ll check out the tourist traps. Right now, music city/ Opryland looks like one big tourist trap.

Sunday- 9/18- City Winery in Nashville is a great place. Had a good burger meal and a wonderful Cabernet. A great view of the stage and show. Herb is very sharp and funny. He did a medley of Tiajuana Brass songs. He did hit a clunker or 2 on the faster songs like Tiajuana Taxi, but did a great job on jazz and standards such as Puttin in the Ritz and Fly Me to the Moon. A talented back up group made up of a drummer, bass guitar and piano made the night terrific. Lani Hall did a medley of Brazil 66 songs and some broadway songs.

Tony was thrilled to be able to see his childhood music hero. He feels it’s one of the best performances he’s seen.

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