Status Quo

How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

I’m perhaps more mindful of staying 6 ft away on line. I carry more hand sanitizer around than normal.

Other than that, nothing has changed. It’s been awhile since I wore a mask. I’ll wear one if I have to.

Interesting fact

I read recently where both leagues in baseball are adopting the designated hitter rule. It started with the season after quarantine.

If you asked my sister this question…..

A year or so before my sister passed away from cancer, she was telling me about how she visited her longtime best friend from nursing school.

They sat at an outdoor table watching the world go by and all the things people had to do during the pandemic; hand sanitizer, wearing masks and gloves, separating new and used items. They laughed how people immediately took to these things once they heard of the pandemic. Meanwhile, these were all the things they were taught 50 years earlier as nurses and did in their everyday lives. They were made fun of being so meticulous about things.

Their idea? They laughed thinking it took 50 years, but the rest of the world finally caught up to us.

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